Acknowledging those who Volunteered and Participated…


We'd like to share with you the names of all who have participated in the Ankara Alumni Network/Ankara Reunion Project.  They volunteered their time, skills and/or creativity to help us with the design and content of the AnkaraAlumni website, the creation and testing of the APO Message Board, assisted in updating the Ankara Directory of Alumni, participated in a "lick 'n' stick" mailing, aided in the planning and execution of Ankara Reunion '05 and/or have helped us in the search for alumni still missing.

A heartfelt thank you to each of the following for their participation. Their time, efforts and energy have helped make it possible for old friends to reconnect and new friendships to be made.

Bill Allen '65
Greg Andranovich '74
The APO "Hallmonitor" - Moderator
Steven Benitez - APO Technician
Betsy Berkman '74
Rich Biasetti '62
Ray Breazeale '65
John Burgess '65
Mike Charlson '67
Susan Curran '72
Janet Day '55
Jim DeAngelo '69
Ken DeGeneffe '75
Dan Delane '70
Lee Ann Freeman '76
Jenny Grabato '70
Brian Gaquin '70
Mike Gifford '74
Tim Gifford '76
Sue Gren '70
Greg Hidden '66
Betsy Herrmann '67
Bob Hurt - C.P.A.
Evelyn Kalb '69
Paul Koester '64

Lori LaGasse - Website Designer

Doug Larson '70
Liz Marshall '55
Melissa Miller '68
Mike Morrison '64
Vicki Preston '65
Roger Redwanski '68
Reunion '05 - Information Coordinator
Sylvia Rogers '70
Ellen Rosell '65
Merri Scheibe '65
Judy Scholes '64
Corky Snow '61
Art Sposto '66
George Summers '57
John Thomson '65
Sally Vangsness '60
Lyn Viles '66
Patrice Viles '68 
Chris White '60
Tim Wurtz ‘69

And a huge, very special thank-you to Dennis Wilson '60 whose research material and notes have enabled us to find so many of the missing 53-62 alumni !

We'd also like to express special thanks to everyone who has contributed financially to the Ankara Alumni Network/Ankara Reunion Project. The names of all who have contributed are permanently listed in the "Contribute" section of this website. There are no dues or fees and your generosity enables us to create and maintain resources for Ankara Alumni.

Over 3,000 people who attended the high school in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s have been located.  It's your tremendous support and participation that has brought so many friends together again.

Çok tesekkürederim!!




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