. and a Very Special Thank You

While we truly appreciate each and every donation we receive, we'd like to recognize a number of alumni who have contributed specifically to offset the cost of creating and maintaining this website and the Ankara Post Office message board.  Many of these same contributors have donated funds repeatedly over the years, but went the extra mile to ensure our first class presence on the Internet.  Thank you.

Bill Allen '65
Bruce Biasetti '65
Ray Breazeale '65
John Burgess '65
Brian Gaquin '70
Mike Gifford '74
Betsy Herrmann '67
Linda Hutchinson '65
Betty Kranz '66
Cliff Mumby '65
Vicki Preston '65
Gregor Saveskie '66
Merri Scheibe '65
Judy Scholes '64
John Thomson '65
Lyn Viles '66
Tim Wurtz '69
Bennie Bickers - In Memory of Richard Farley '65
Doug Larson '70 - In Memory of Doug Winslow '70

Additionally, we're especially grateful to a contributor, who has requested anonymity, for replacing our Macromedia Dreamweaver software. Donated alumni funds paid for this software in 2002, but we no longer have access to it. Dreamweaver software is essential for the creation and maintenance of the AnkaraAlumni web pages - making this $470 gift a truly significant bequest.

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