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The Network....Class lists and email addresses are available to bona fide alumni!! You'll need to create a logon ID to view the list of almost 4,000 located alumni and faculty. The Network - updated continually as new alumni are located and/or provide us with updated contact information.

All email addresses known to us are now available. The Network ensures all alumni to alumni email communications are direct, personal and most importantly, private. Your email messages will not pass through this website - so, we do not have the ability to read, moderate or interrupt the delivery of your communications.

AnkaraAlumni.net satisfies a long-term goal:
a single, comprehensive resource for alumni that gives you the means to reconnect and re-establish old friendships. Our goal is to list each and every alum who ever attended the American high school in Ankara, Turkey - those already found, the missing and those who have passed away. "One stop shopping" if you're looking for a former classmate or friend. We're well on our way to delivering the most comprehensive historical record of Ankara alumni ever created!

The 1953 - 1979 Missing - Now, in addition to the list of missing graduates, we've compiled a list of students who attended grades 9-12, but left before graduating. As additional research is completed, it's added to the Alumni & Faculty section of this website. Names are updated regularly.

Please Register - Even if you have previously completed a Directory registration, please do so again. Your registration enables us to enter your information instantly from a single form - instead of merging data from the email list, Ankara Directory, prior registrations and email notes/updates. It will save us time and ensure the accuracy of your information.

New Links - Fun Links - Great Info

After months of research and accumulation, we've created 6 new web pages of great links - NOT the same ole' boring stuff! Take a look around - and we welcome any suggestions you might have for additional links.

Web pages by or about Ankara Alumni- Ever wonder what your old classmates are up to today? Check 'um out. 100+ links - with more to come!

Brat Media - Links to articles, books and more.....for both civilian and military Brats.

Links to "all things Turkish" - Including Turkish restaurants in the USA, shopping, a great magazine, thousands of photos of Turkey and more.........

Just for Fun links - Useful information, directories, fun sites and informative sites -- and they're all free! This page is so good, you may even bookmark it for reference.

Resources for Ankara Brats - All the major Brat sites, plus a few new links.

Links to Ankara High School related websites, maintained by fellow alumni.

The Ankara Directory 1953 - 1979

The last Ankara Directory was mailed to 2,000+ alumni in July of 2005, at a cost of over $3,600. Additionally, every new alumni located receives a Directory. The Directory contains current contact information for all 1953 – 1979 alumni and faculty who've been located.

Timothy Wurtz '69 was provided funds and postage to facilitate an Ankara Directory "update" mailing in July 2006. To date, Tim Wurtz has not completed the mailing. Nor have the funds and postage stamps been returned to us, despite repeated requests from our CPA. We do think it strangely coincidental that exactly the same commemorative postage stamps provided to Tim for the Ankara Directory "update" mailing, were used in the ensuing months on "BRATS- Our Journey Home" screening postcards.

Contributions permitting, we will mail out a fully updated Directory as soon as we complete all NETWORK data entry. The anticipated cost for printing, envelopes and postage now exceeds $7,000.

We've located and added more than 1,100 "missing" alumni in the past three years .....an accomplishment unequaled since the very early 90s. And, we're still actively and successfully searching for the missing!

You can help. If you have a sibling who attended high school in Ankara, but is not listed in the Directory, please let us know. If you know where an old friend lives and they're not listed, please contact us.

For fifteen years, the Ankara Directory has been our most valuable asset in keeping us -- the Ankara Alumni -- connected.

Ankara Reunion '05 -- August 12 - 14, 2005

Ankara Reunion '05 was held August 2005 in Dallas, TX - featuring Turkish food, belly dancers, a mini Turkish Bazaar, a Silent Auction, Operation Footlocker and screenings of the "BRATS - Our Journey Home" documentary. This 3-day event, with an attendance of over 400 alumni, has been heralded by many as "the best AnkaraReunion ever."

Special Acknowledgments

The creation and maintenance of this website, the APO, our new alumni database, the mailings and the planning and execution of Reunion '05 involve extra time, effort and money. We'd like to acknowledge two groups who have gone the extra mile to help out.

Volunteers Needed for 1980 - 2006 Classes

There is no printed Directory for class years 1980 - 2006.  If you're interested in forming a group of volunteers to fund, publish and distribute a printed Directory of Alumni, please contact us. We are maintaining, in our class list database, all contact information and email addresses for 1980 - 2006 alumni.  The names and email addresses are available in The Network, but full contact information may only be distributed via a printed Directory.

The Ankara Post Office

Websites, while informative, are a one-way means of communication.  The APO was created to be the interactive hub of this website.  It's a venue that affords all alumni a means to connect, discuss, interact and immediately disseminate news and information. 

The APO is rapidly approaching 300 registrants.  Many more alumni have not joined, but visit and read the forums.  At this time, the APO averages over 500 visits a week and over 4,500 weekly page views. (Topics/posts that are opened and read)

Most of us lead busy lives and our Ankara experience, while important, is not our primary focus.  Tired of unwanted emails?  The APO is the perfect way to stay connected    No clutter in your Inbox.  No threats of computer viruses or annoying SPAM.  No class-year restrictions.  Read only those topics that interest you.  You can access the APO 24/7.    And, once you register, you can login and "post and play" from any computer, anywhere in the world.  It's the perfect medium for those of us who lead active lives, but still want to interact and stay informed.



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