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Spring '08 Alumni List & NETWORK Update
We've almost completed loading in and tweaking all alumni NETWORK listings. We're presently sitting at 3,300+ and we'll top 3,400 entries. There are still some records to be added and about six class years (late 60s/early 70s) need major tweaking - corrections/additions. We'll post a notice in the "Announcements" forum, at the very bottom of the APO, when we're done. Hopefully, within the next couple of weeks.

If you haven't updated your address/contact information in the past year or so, please consider doing so now. The NETWORK is the only database that directly "feeds" the Ankara Directory and related mailing labels. It is important your information is up to date and accurate. Just hit the "edit' option at the top of the form and the system will automatically update your information - REGISTRATION

Your APO logon credentials also work to access the NETWORK database. If you don't have a logon ID, consider getting one. It's simple and secure. Join over 780 of your fellow alumni who have already created IDs. Need logon credentials? Network access? Click HERE.

We'd like to thank the Ankara High School Connections website for providing contact information for the following alumni, newly located this year- Lisa Ross '70, Michael Griffin '79, Darrin Rodriguez '82, Chris Hamilton '88, Eric Hart '05 and former faculty member, Tom Balch.

Alumni Found/Located - '53-'79 Long Term Missing
Susan Baumann '57
John Marlow '61
John Mott '62
Terry Shimp '62
Robert Burdick '63
Jim Shadell '63
Steven Harrell '64
Judy Mott '64
Bill Porter '64
Betty Siler '64
Tim Fitzwater '65
Bob Estey '66
Cynthia Gregory '66
Connie Shimp '66
Virginia Fitzwater '67
Joseph Rough '67
Gary Scanlan '67
Karol Houser '68
Janet Kubilus '68
Jacqueline Sanders '69
Carrie Teibel '69
Jody Kozina '70
Lisa Ross '70
Billy Surratt '70
Terry Wise '71
Sandra Laumark '72
John Karagos '73
Stephen Summitt '73
Stephen Spain '75
Leigh Ayres '77
Karen Craft '77

Recovered - "Once Found - Lost Again"
Michael Griffin '79

1980-2007 - New NETWORK Listings
Catherine O'Brien '81
Darrin Rodriguez '82
George "Thatch" Shepard '82
Charles Breland '87
Chris Hamilton '88
Erin Alexander '93
Victoria Starr '91
Barbara Watkins '95
Marta Tortolero '01
Sera Gillow '03
Eric Hart '05
Meaghan Rollinson '07

Found - Faculty/Staff
Tom Balch

Deceased - In Memoriam
Kay Stewart '60
Bill Tillery '63
Robert Lerner '65
Michaele Yogan '65
Peter Dulay '66
William Estey '68
David Lerner '68
Jean Cassidy '69
Charles Curry FAC
Oda Phillips FAC

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I recognize a couple of the names. Hope to see them at the next reunion.

Thanks again for your hard work.
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