Those We've Lost...
Below are the names of those newly listed on AnkaraAlumni's In Memoriam page. Nearly 30 names - all added since 1/1/10. Approximately one-third were already located and "in the system." The majority are alum/faculty who were still "missing" - several died many years ago.

Still, it's only April and this list almost exceeds additions for any single prior year.

* Indicates information provided by Ankara Connections.

Paul Bryant '54
Martha Jo Bryant '58
* Mike Barber '60
Bonnie Newingham '64
Pamme Brewer '65
JoAnn Cline (Moore) '67
Kristina Rose '67
* Sharon Rozinsky '67
Marc Winter '67
Ben Cassiday '69
Tim Thorsen '69
Thomas Angle '70
Cherry Ann McLean '70
David Becker '75
Steve Kennedy '76
* Alec Morrison '76
Marshall McMillan '78
Herman Baugh FAC
* Robert Dawson FAC
Alice Duggins FAC
Doris Hadary FAC
Melba Heide FAC
Jane Hintgen FAC
Hazel Kershner FAC
Ann Raemer FAC
Estelle Stang FAC
Velma Stewart FAC
Virginia Thorsen FAC
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