More Alumni Located
Many thanks to Doug Briggs, who put us on the trial of Susan Furrer; to Liz Superczynski for the clues that enabled us to locate Cathy Ollis and her brother Michael; to Barb Mundrinich, whose input resulted in our locating Rick Locke and finally a big thank you to Bill Allen, who discovered an ancient wedding invitation, providing the information we needed to locate Gail Whitley.

Found - Long Term Missing
John Havener '60
Patricia Anne Pelletier '63
Marcia Raab '63
Phoebe Rivera '63
Renee Pelletier '64
Judy Thomas '65
Gail Whitley '65
Cathy Ollis '67
Bill Zeilinger '67
Rick Locke '69
Michael Ollis '69
Rene Pelletier '69
John Mathews '70
Mark Fox '71
Susan Furrer '74
Lynn LeFevers '78

1980-2005 - New NETWORK Registrations
Alison Burns '81
La Tanya Jackson '81
David Edelblute '82
Kerry Leeper '82
Patti Stallings '82
Maria Muzio '83
Susan Bowman '84
Terri Kelly '84
Toni Kula '86
Jahnan Loek '87
Brad Lenzner '89
Nynke Doorenbos '90
Michael Shanler '90
Liselot Von frijtag Drabbe '90
Delina Kamarudin '93
April Kemp-Conkin '94
Michelle Perrin '94
Nupur Pyasi ’97
Bryan Westcott '99

Found - Faculty/Staff
Richard J McGowan FAC - Dorm Counselor
Mary Margaret Smith (McGowan) FAC - Dorm Counselor

In Memoriam
We were saddened to learn in early August of the January death of Judy Kenyon '67, who was diagnosed four years ago with multiple myeloma. With her family's permission, her name has been added to the In Memoriam section of this website.

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