WOW!! - AnkaraReunion'05
Not more can be added about the 2005 Reunion other than WOW!! The planning was fantastic. The food, bazaar, entertainment, Movie of "Journey Home". I'm sure someone can put into words the experience but I'm actually unable to at this time.

And I now have a puzzle ring that fits my finger.

Thanks to all and I am so glad so many of us were able to hook up again.

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Roger Redwanski - Class of "68"
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It was a wonderful reunion. Lyn Viles did a superb job getting it organized and providing us with a memorable event. Thank you, Lyn, and thank you, Tim, for getting the ball rolling. You guys deserve lots of thanks!
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WOW does not fully describe the experence. It was truly great to have 16 from the '50s show and I was there with 10 of them. If there had been 48 hours in the day, we could have filled them all with nostalgia.

Thanks Lyn and Tim, it was a memorable experence.

George Summers '57
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Thanks Lynn, Tim, and everyone else who helped.

I've got a lot of pictures and will pull them together.

If you want some deleted that can be arranged for a small fee. My camera was everywhere remember.
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<Fran Archibald '68>
Tim and Lyn--Words cannot possibly convey the deep felt thanks I attribute to you. I know, I know, it took an extra push to get me there but oh how glad I am I went. Thanks for that, too! You guys are amazing and so appreciated. I wish you both all the best! Love ya! Smiler Smiler
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