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<Chris White '60>
You're right, Nick. I think it was refered to as the new Service Club in those days.
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I remember as a little kid going to the movie theater somewhere on a hill, then walking down the hill to take a taxi home. The library was next door? It seemed like it was close to the hospital.

Then it was at the JUSMMAT, sitting on the folding chairs, where we also went to church. Standing up for the national anthem, watching a cartoon, and or the Gillette Sports clips. 50 cents for the Saturday matinee.

My dad worked for TUSEG, and his office was first downtown then moved to JUSMMAT.

Wayyy long ago I remember the BX? and newstand somewhere downtown and above on a hill was a childrens hospital of some sort, which burned.

How about going rollerskating at the old GI basketball place somewhere around Maltepe which used to house the Toyland....

Does anyone remember going to the military side the airport and going to some type of store.

I remember watching the workers building the three schools on base, the military calvary practicing next to the base.

We went to a swimming pool - wonder if it's the same one - not the one on base.

Did anyone's parent drive you up to Elmadag and go sledding - one time the GI's stationed there gave us rides on those huge tractors! What a blast!!!

Jeeezz, what memories..
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Were you in the theater when Paul Henry and Tom Hace had Jeff Bergeson paged as "Waldo Bergeson"
while he was on a date with a new girlfriend? The place roared!
(Jeff played sax occasionally with UVTP)
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This is my second visit to this site and I think I will jump in. As I recall, at least from 1958 or so forward, the Teen Club was on the 2nd floor of a rather sizable house located on Ataturk Blvd., between our embassy and the turn in for Kavaklidere. This would be roughly across from the Italian embassy. We had a snack bar (I did a stint as the manager) card tables where some played bridge, and a back room with a shuffle board and ping pong table. I am uncertain as to the location of the pool table even though I had a hand in taking it apart and carrying peices to a truck one Saturday. The s-board table was too long so we lowered if from the rear balcony via a small block and tackle of my dad's. These items were removed to our new location in the basement of the building occupied by our new dorm students probably about Sept. '61. The dorm wasn't far from our embassy, the barracks, the bowling alley or my family's appartment on Guniz Sokak, a few doors down from the hospital. The movie theator was located in what was called the Service Club, in the lower level. There were recreational facilities for service men on I believe, the 2nd floor and a library on the 3rd.
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