Roadside burial
Unfortunately this is a true story.

In Alabama and other parts of the world family members will sometimes plant a wooden cross on the side of the road where a fatal traffic accident occurred to commemorate their deceased loved ones.

The other day my youngest daughter (college freshman) commented as we drove past one of these sites, "Dad, who would bury their family members so close to the interstate?" While gathering myself so as not to taint her dignity, she then added, "What kind of quack would do such a thing?"

What would you respond?
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That is funny. They do that here in Kentucky. Put the cross there, not bury them
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Out here in the San Joaquin Valley the place is covered with shrines and crosses. It is a good indicator how dangerous that stretch of road is.
Rod Bell '68'
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We have a location here where a marker was put up next to the sidewalk where a police officer was shot & killed while checking a suspicious car. Sign of the times...
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The waitress at a pizza restaurant brings her pizza cutter and a pizza to the table of her customer, who is a graduate of the American High School in Athens, Greece. She asks the customer if she should cut the pizza into six slices or eight slices. He thinks a moment and replies, "I think you better cut it into six slices; I don't think I can eat eight slices."
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