The NETWORK is here!!
The NETWORK...by class/graduation year, access to the names, email addresses and cities of residence of all alumni and faculty located since 1990. Over 2,000 records are currently available. We'll have 3,000+ records once we've completed entering data. All recently located alumni have been entered.

The NETWORK ensures all alumni to alumni email communications are direct, personal and most importantly, private. Your email messages will not pass through this website - so, we do not have the ability to read, moderate or interrupt the delivery of your communications.

Login ID Required -
Alumni with APO access - your "Groupee" login permits you to search the Network. We've changed the Terms of Service to include the Network, so you will be prompted to accept the new TOS next time you login. (Will appear as "Update Profile" -- just check the "TOS" box)

Alumni without a "Groupee" login ID - separate from your Directory registration, you will need to create a user name and password. You will be prompted to create a logon ID, when you access The Network. Approval is manual, so your acceptance will not be instantaneous. Only bona fide alumni and faculty will be approved.

Go directly to Search NETWORK

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