NETWORK Completed!!
The NETWORK is fully loaded! To the best of our ability, all located alumni, alphabetically by class year and all known email addresses, have been entered into the NETWORK database.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Bill Allen '65, who painstakingly entered in all existing information from the printed Alumni Directory. A particularly laborious task, because he had to verify, before entering each listing, that he was not overriding updated information already loaded into the NETWORK. And corrections - boy did he end up correcting typos and erroneous data. Once again, a very heartfelt "Thank You!"

Although these numbers will be obsolete with 24 hours - here are some interesting statistics:
We have -
    3,547 total alumni and faculty listed in the NETWORK.
    269 are deceased (209 alumni and 60 faculty)
    3,278 living alumni and faculty
    2,325 email addresses (70%)
Various categories for living alumni break out as follow -
    '53-'79 class years - 2708 alumni/1804 email addresses (66%)
    '80-'08 class years - 468 alumni/464 email addresses (99%)
    Faculty - 102 faculty/57 email addresses (55%)
Five class years, '66-'70, each have 200+ alumni listed.
The two largest classes are '68 with 241 and '69 with 238

The largest stateside populations of alumni and faculty are -
    California - 392
    Greater DC Area - 390 (includes VA & MD)
    Texas - 332
    Florida - 236
The NETWORK is searchable by first name, last name, partial name, class year and/or state of residence. If you want to view all 3,500+ listings alphabetically, just hit "Search," without entering any data into the fields.

The NETWORK data is exportable to create future printed Ankara Alumni Directories and generate mailing labels. Although all alumni data has been entered into the database - the only fields currently visible to viewers are name, class year, email address and city/state/country of residence.

If you don't have NETWORK access, consider joining over 800 alumni and faculty who have already created logon IDs. We know, from internal tracking, that not a single day has gone by without alumni accessing the NETWORK. To create a logon ID, please either hit "Join" in the upper right of this message board or, you may click HERE.
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