up on the roof
Gym class was on the roof before the gym was built. On the weekends, the gym turned into a roller rink. That's where I was when the announcement was made that Kennedy had been shot, November 1963.
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I had forgotten all about the roller rink. Went there quite a few times. I think it closed shortly thereafter in 67.

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<Brad McMillan '64>
I recall there was already a quonset hut gym next to the pit when I arrrived 8/61. But they did use the roof because initially, the boys and girls had to use the gym on alternate days. Did they really let people rollerscate on our gym floor? I remember coach having a seizure if you walked on the floor in street shoes!
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I arrived the same time as Brad and also always had PE in the Quonset Hut. I think the younger kids had recess up on the roof maybe? And certainly they took the group yearbook shots up there our first two years at AHS. People often talk about the rollar skating and the hay rides--I don't think I ever did either. What was I doing with my time??
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