merhaba, ya'll
What a great site. Thanks to all who worked on it. We are recovering from Charley here in Orlando. Mercifully, we were spared at our house. I have lived in this area on & off since 1969, but I am still stunned by the breadth of destruction leveled by this particular storm. It is a miracle that more lives were not lost.
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I was in Orlando during Charley,attending a high school reunion for my school in Bangkok.what a storm! I have been through a couple of hurricanes in Fla,never seen anything like it. glad you are ok. the drive back to St.Petersburg was a real shock,so much damage.
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Hi LeeAnn
Wow Great new site...looking forward to all the chatter. I guess as a fellow '76er we need to start up the "Lunchroom"
More importantly, glad to hear that you and the rest of the Ankara group faired well through the storm. Rebuilding is always hard and you will be in our thoughts.
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