Throwing a line out
You know...if you don't throw a line out you'll never know if you can catch anything. Well let's see. It's only been about 40 years since I've been to Turkey. I haven't spoken to any of my friends with whom I hung out, but what the heck..I'll try. The only year book I had to reference anything with was the 1966 Citadel. Many of the names I see in the forums I can connect a face to but not all. Well, I'm saying hi to all and drop a line.
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All of the yearbooks are online at http://www.e-citadel.com/ -- thanks to Wray Woolley 66 and
Shiela Weaver (Kenney) 67
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They both did an outstanding job. I know it had to take time to scan everything, but it turned out great. Quick reference for me is the 66 I have, and even though I was at GCMRHS for three years, it's the only one I bought ( for some reason ).
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