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School Trips To Where?
Thought I'd start a new thread to try to get some life going again.

Did your age group ever take a 'school trip'? As a school, we went to the Isle of Rhodes one year for a week and another time we went to Izmer for a week and saw all the surrounding tourist thingies. We went by train to Izmer and flew to Rhodes. I remember we rented motor scooters at Rhodes and rode all over the island. Stayed a a big beach front hotel and had a blast. One small problem is that there was US Navy ship in port and the girls were all going ga-ga over the sailors.

During the mid to late 50's there was an annual tour of the Holy Land at Easter, sponsored I think by the Special Services office. Several of us high schoolers went on the tour one Easter. We hit Jordan, Easter sunrise services in Jerusaleum, couldn't go to Isreal and Jordan (Jordan at the time would not let you in if you had an Isreali visa showing on your passport) Egypt (Cairo, Luxor, Thebes, Valley of the Kings), Syria (Damascus), Beirut. We went from Jordan to Damascus to Beirut by car so we saw a lot of the country up close and personal and stopped at many touristy spots along the way such as Baalbeck and the cedar forests of Lebanon as we went over the mountains from Damascus to Beirut.

And then for the summers several of us served a camp counslers for an American kids summer camp on the Bosphurus. Sure had a lot of fun there, especially after camper's lights out.

George Summers '57 (Ankara - '54-'56)
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Your trip to Rhodes sounds like the duplicate of our class trip ('56). Right down to the fleet coming in. And yes, we girls were definitely distracted by that. That was the only class trip for us, and it kept being delayed because of fighting breaking out on Cyprus where our plane had to land on the way to Rhodes.

How many were in the class of '57? there were just 9 of us in '56.
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Being a Dormie, we had numerous trips to Konya, Pumuklee. We went by bus stayed in local hotels saw alot of country side sampled alot of food, beer ,vodka, and rockzi. Drove the councelors nuts and had a great time.
Rod Bell Class of 68
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