Thanks, Tim
I'd like to say how much I appreciate all that Tim Wurtz and his co-horts have done to get the reunions started. I'd been in touch with only three or four people I knew in Ankara since graduation, and one of them was my brother! In the '80s Donna Dacko got in touch with several of the class of '65 and put together a brochure with all the responses. That was terrific, but it was nothing like seeing all those people in Dallas in 1992! I can't tell you what a difference it has made in my life to be in touch with Ankarites again. Thanks, Tim, for all the hours you and the others have put in on this enterprise.
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Hear! Hear! I, too, am forever grateful to Tim for getting us started and maintaining us for all these years. I know for sure it is a thankless job at times and we need to say a big heartfelt thank you, Tim.
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I would also like to thank Tim Wurtz and his crew not only for the fantastic reunions, but also for their periodic mailings of information regarding reunions and of the Ankara Directory of Alumni. The directories have helped me to reconnect with old friends. I don't know whether it is true or just folklore but apparently one Ankara alum airline pilot carries his directory on all his flights. He then calls Ankara people who live in his destination cities, reconnecting with old friends and making new friends.

I've helped with some of the mailings at the "lick and stick" events. And I have learned that the mailings help track the movement of Ankara people. Forwarding information is requested on each envelope and then sent to Tim and his crew by the US Postal Service. The new information is used to update the Ankara Directory records. And if the letter is returned marked "forwarding time has expired" but has the new address, the letter is re-mailed. So the mailings also help to keep track of alumni, and help prevent those who were found once from becoming "lost" again.

Additionally, many alumni are not Internet addicted like some of us (such as me), and so rely more on the mail than the Internet (like this site) to obtain info on the reunions and their classmates.

Thanks again Tim, and thanks to the generous alumni whose voluntary donations make the mailings possible.
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I like the mailings because I like paper. When my husband and I go on long road trips, I carry the list with me. If it were on the Internet, I wouldn't download it - I just don't do that. If you don't want the mailing, toss it. I am so glad to have it and appreciate the time spent compiling it. Thanks to all of you who have spent time putting it together for the mailing.
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I want to say "Ditto." Tim has done an excellent job getting us all together and helping us renew old connections and make new ones along the way. Thanks, Tim!
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Merri, in fact I wish the updated directories were mailed out more often. After a couple of years I have difficulty finding mine, and when I do it is out of date. Take care, and see you in Dallas.
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I'd like to say "Thank You" too.
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Posted at the request of Tim Wurtz --

Subject: APO Thanks

Please tell the people who post at the APO that I have a 7 year old, wood-burning Macintosh computer that can't even get to the APO site. Please thank them for me. Their kindness and encouragement go a long, long way during the "dog days" of reunion preparation.


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