There haven't been any postings recently and so I thought I might try to get an APO conversation going.

Driving into work today I was thinking about what have been the most significant changes in the world since our high school days.

Two came to mind : implosion of Soviet Union and development of Internet

Do you agree? disagree?

R/Doug '70
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Hey Doug!- Not sure about the Soviet Union...so much of the world has been reconfigured, boundary-wise, its tough to say which has been more influential... maybe consolidation of the oil-producing nations has been equally significant?
No question about the Internet, although one really has to untangle all the contributing tech advances...cell phones,satellite transmission, computers. There are still old hold-outs like me who do not go to ebay, buy online, download music, buy airline tickets, and so the Internet per se is not something I use a lot personally as a consumer. However, i use Google earth at work every day, I use map quest, and numerous other work related sites. I could still function pretty well without the Net, but could not function well without a computer. My cell phone does not have a built-in camera, but it would be difficult to go back to pre-cell telephone technology! These have choices I've made, not necessarily my inability to use these various consumer services-
Something occurred to me this past weekend along the same line: interestingly, in spite of universal availability online, people still like to read hard copy books- bookstores still thrive, and even young people can still hold a book and turn the pages...no Farenheit 452 (or whatever that is called) yet!
All to say,these discussions always make me feel older than dirt!
well, hope this finds you well- thanks for the dialog!
cheers, Kris
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Those were watershed events to be sure; matched only by the fact that you finished behind me in Frank Blunt's Blue Biology class. Everyone was stunned, myself included.
Hi Doug. What's ya up to?
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I have often wondered how much different our time in Ankara had been if there was an internet at that time. Even the availability of movies (VHS, DVD) would have been profound at that time. The cell phone would have been fantastic. But ala. Not to be at that time.

Roger Redwanski - Class of "68"
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biggest change for me has been medical science. i was diagnosed with crohn's disease in 1973. if i'd be born 20 years earlier...probably wouldn't be alive now...would have run out of treatment options. wasn't diagnosed sooner because of the air force moving us around. i'd been sick since i was maybe 5 but...went to sick call one day in turkey...told me not to eat off the economy. every doctor i saw blamed it on the food and/or water. my family thought i was faking it. couldn't catch a break.

ended up here in san antonio...quite near lackland AFB...home of the biggest air force hospital on the planet. i saw a couple of civilian doctors. last one told me i needed to see mental health people. so, thinking i was a head case, i enrolled in local college and got my military ID back...never made it past the first week. first military doc i saw admitted me to the hospital...took them two weeks to confirm it was crohn's...back then they thought only jewish men got crohn's. go figure. drugs at the time (corticosteriods) made me fat and crazy but very creative. learned to build a painting from scratch...canvas, 2x4's and paint. got exceptionally good at making big american paintings. offered several scholarships but had a good doctor at the time and didn't want to leave town...texas is not known for it's art schools...would have had to leave the state.

in 1998 the FDA approved the first drug specifically for what ails me...remicade. i'd gotten offically disabled by social security in 1984...when military downsizing started i couldn't get an appointment at the base...as a disabled dependent of retired NCO i was dead last on the priorty list. anyway, the first civilian doctor i had was afraid to blaze a trail for me with remicade...he'd never used it on a patient. one good thing about civilian doctor's...you don't have to wait for the bad ones to leave. fired two more before i got to try a full course of remicade. it only worked for a couple of years but, kept me alive. just started the newest potion...humira. and you are saying to yourself...isn't that for arthritis? back when they started treating crohnies with remicade, people with crohn's and rheumatiod arthritis showed more improvment with joints than gut. ain't life weird? so, since there's lots more people with RA than CD this second generation drug was approved faster...lots more patients for clinical drug trials. my personal opinion...lot's of people with crohn's got frustrated with doctors and early drugs and quit. i've been close to giving up more than once. years of steriods and puking my face off...they're keeping me alive so i can do more of that? it didn't make sense. didn't see the point.

medical science kept me alive long enough to enjoy the internet. let me get in touch with you guys. years of steriods (prednisone) and puking has wrecked my teeth. the reunion in 2000? my teeth weren't so bad but, i left town without my bottle of prednisone...by the second day i was slipping into withdrawl...couldn't think straight, couldn't get a coherent sentence out of my mouth but, it was so cool seeing everybody. by 2005 i was off steriods but my teeth were crumbling and i was too embarassed. wanted so badly to sit down and talk to doug larson, tim wirtz and everone i else knew...talked to a lot of people i didn't know thinking i wouldn't see them again.

anyway, thanks to the internet people like me can write oprah's big give and find someone who want's to help them smile again. hell, just wrote her last week but, i expect to have new teeth eventually...and if there's a reunion in 2010, you will see me there...big cheesy smile...talking non-stop. you've been warned.
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You have really had some tough times. Sorry. You really could make us laugh back in Ankara. Look forward to seeing and talking with you at the next reunion. Take care of yourself. Warm regards, Doug
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the implosion of the housing market nationwide.

Hi Doug. How've you been?
matt adams
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