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Friends/Reunion 2005
It's interesting how many of us communicate on email. It's one of the most fantastic sources available to us. At Dallas I had Phyliss Gray walk up and introduce herself. The name was familiar and I knew we had "chatted" through email but... Then she mentioned the Kentucky Derby and BAM! All the communication began mind/overload. Mint Juleps, race day. Recipes. GREAT!! Sorry Phyliss if I seemed to drift away but the brain was maxing out. Then seeing you around over the next day was great.

So many I failed to meet. So many I did meet. Bob and Janice Allen. Made me wish I had my Buick. Jim DeAngelo. Love that guy. Lois Ammerman. Sue Gren. Cathy Ward. Lyn Viles. Jill Boldway. Steve Preston. Holy crap. Here I go into overload again. The mind begins to swim.

Mike Morrison was a great compadre. Thanks again Mike. Can't say enough good about ya' man.

Then the man of the weekend. Brian Gaquin. Funny. I noticed that so many just said "Brian" and everyone knew whom they were talking about. No last name needed. What a guy.

Let's talk it up when we all recover from the weekend. I know that might take a couple weeks.

All should have received the official attendance list. I haven't even bothered to try and count the names yet but.... IT'S A LOT!!

Another neccesity. An email list. I ran into Colleen McSoley at the airport. We had the same plane back to Philly. The discussion turned to email addresses and availability. I'm seeing if she joins any of the listserves. That will provide access to everyone on them but still we need a private way to communicate on a personal level. And not everyone is on the lists. The need for a private/secure email system is showing up.

Oh well. Getting to "heavy" for me.

Thanks again to one and all for a great weekend and especially to my wife. Who sent a reluctant Roger off to a Reunion that was the best ever.

Roger Redwanski - Class of "68"
"Never argue with the person packing your parachute"
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Roger -

E-mail addresses are given to us by alumni so they can correspond with their friends. The email address list is not now, nor has it ever been, the property of any single alum. It belongs to all of us -- as does the alumni contact information in the Ankara Directory. Until the database is complete, if you would like email addresses for your Ankara friends or class years, please contact me, Tim Wurtz or hit "Contact Us" at the bottom of the APO. Happy to share.

In the rare instance that you hear from someone, be it by phone, letter or email, you'd rather not correspond with, we'll leave it to you to handle. As adults we should be capable of deciding with whom we'd like to correspond/not correspond.
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