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I believe, Rick, that you and your brother were looking through some old Ankara high year books while waiting for the plane. While at first I did not recognize you, I did recognize the yearbooks, introduced myself and we had a small reunion right there in the terminal. Bystanders probably did not understand our excitement and what we were talking about. While subsequent reunions may have been less "hormonally charged", each gave me the opportunity to renew old friendships and make new friends. Can't wait until the next reunion. Hope you are there. Enjoy reading your APO postings. Take care, Doug '70
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I'm not sure about the "hormonally" charged aspect of the events of that weekend....though no doubt there was likely much of that going on as well.....I do know the drinks were flowing heavily at the bar and half way through Saturday evening's festivites I adjourned with a small group up to my hotel room and passed the peace pipe as it were in a renewal of some long ago shared favorite past time....albeit and unfortunately utilizing the local crop rather than the better and more mystical preference of our days from long ago.

I best stop before I incriminate myself or someone.
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this is a lively site! i was working in the rec-area/snack bar in 1970-1971 after i graduated in 1969. i believe a Sgt Moore was working there at night. I don't remember anyones names or faces very well. i spent most of my time at the officer's club. i remember how odd it was that i was going to parties at some of my former high school teacher's homes with my soon to be husband. it really was a strange and wonderful place to be. i never did have the feeling of being like anyone else. not even my fellow Brats. but hey, i wouldn't change it for the world. and i really am loving reading all the stories and memories of Turkey. i loved it there. Turkey was the one place i lived in longer than two years! i was interviewed by the OSI once or twice myself. but it had to do with Sgt Moore and some inappropiate behavior not drugs! Not sure if anyone knew of that scandal or not. it would have been in the early part of 1971. pretty creepy. managed to get through it and i never spoke of it but it was a small community and i just never knew if it got around or not. kinda curious.
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Rick Sattler '71
Rick; I may know who you are. I was there from 68 until April 70. Teddy was the Cypriot in the rock group Oxygen, right. I never went to his house but I was told my picture was taken out front one evening. It was in Gazi wasn't it walking distance from your house by the american ambasaders res. That is if you had a sister named Kim? A friend of ours went to jail early that year (1970) after being caught at Teddy's house. Like I said I left and never heard of a big bust. The real bad guy back then was Attila, a weasel with big stories and a problem with Graceden or however you spell the name of that diet pill they had.
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Yes you are correct....I had a sister named Kim and she was 2 yrs behind me. We lived in Gazi and just down the street from the American Ambassador's residence.....we lived directly across the street from the Canadian embassy and just above the Iraqi embassy.

I don't recall Atilla and I remember Gracidin (sp)....weren't they called footballs or something and came 20 or 30 to a pack? Hazy days so long ago........

I am not sure of anyone going to jail but I know of numerous people that had to go home...eventually too as a result of the interrogation techniques and the "two strikes and you're gone rule" there was also an undercurrent of paranoia and distrust toward the end of '71 there....we left in July of '71.
Rick Sattler
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I have some recollections of this era though it is difficult to separate the strands from so long ago. The dorms were completely wild and out of control. A couple of famous brothers were said to have been on the cutting edge. The prior evening there were tales of loud music, guitars played thru amps glowing with red lights in the dark, hall ways filled with clouds of smoke that rolled out of rooms constantly swinging with doors, cellophane borrowed from 33 rpms, blankets to catch goods jettisoned from second floor windows the next morning, and law and order escorts on that day. I seem to have a memory of one of the brothers being led in hand cuffs toward a waiting osi car in front of gcmrhs. The turks had apparently said either you clean it up or we will. It was a very difficult era for all concerned.
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