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Yeah, Scott played keyboards, but mostly in the lounge. Seem to remember him and Tom Barton (thought he could sing; mostly invited to the gig because he had that big red amplifier) jamming on some stage. Mark Davies was (is) a drummer. Played for Kachina with the brother on bass and sister on keyboards and Mike somebody on guitar (good picker, should have left the microphone alone and stuck with what he was really good at, the six string). For what it's worth.
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In the 67-71 era there were some really happening bands. Must have been four at one time. They were great. The base and school became a bit diffuse after the dorms. Then school in the states did not compare with gcmrhs. Somewhere on this site returning home was described as experiencing culture shock in one's own culture. That really captures it. Btw what's happening with the next reunion?
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