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<Fran Archibald '68>
Here. Isn't is amazing how we don't have a lot to say and yet suggest we contribute one word and look how the responses grow. Thanks for the "word" Lynn!! Smiler
As for me, sometimes I do not have a lot to say but I love to feel "connected" by thumbing through this site. It is fun to see who surfaces now and then. Hi to all! Kris, great to hear from you! Still remember the parties at your house! Ah, yes.....memories!
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Here, again. I feel the same way!
Now I'm wondering who the "other guests" are at this time???
Fran, how's the new home you moved to?
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Roger, Fran et al-
Thanks for the kind words! I always look forward to Roger's jokes, and the continual banter between Doug Larson and John Burgess, with the periodic "weigh-ins" from others in the peanut gallery on that group list!
As the youngest of 4 in my family(and with the parents gone for a couple decades now), I often think that even my brat siblings don't quite get the significance of our Ankara group (since they were all in prep school in US except for a few summer months and did not live abroad continually as young adults...)
At any rate, my eldest brother Walt (who dated Patty Brady during those summers,for those of you who know her!)just turned 60 and I was faced with the usual "what do you get someone who has everything they need?" and wanted to commemorate such a golden event. Walt, an infectious disease specialist, has been spending quite a lot of time the past 2 yrs working in Uganda (with a 'docs w/out borders' type of org)and so finds himself once again spread between countries and writing on his blog about the contrast of American (altho actually he lives in Canada)and Ugandan life and life-styles, etc.
So all of this to say, I ended up sending him a copy of Donna's film!! The more I thought about it, the more it seemed the perfect gift. As with many of us, he grew up in the fortress (children in service)and it unquestionably shaped his own life. His career in medicine was inspired by his own(adult)service in Vietnam as a medic, and although he stayed put in Canada raising a family of 5 for a couple of decades, now finds himself once again on foreign turf,using some of those same skills we all learned...I think seeing Donna's documentary will be meaningful for him.
Anyway, I just love the "connectedness" of it all, and thought you all might enjoy this small anecdote- Cheers to all, Kris
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You all are quite a bunch
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<Fran Archibald '68>
Wow Kris--what a great write-up and what a super gift!! I would love to know his reaction. I can't imagine he would not like it. It probably took him back for awhile! Great to hear from you!
Gail, I have not moved yet--still working on it--probably this summer. Aaaah, summer at the beach!
Hi to all--have a great one!
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