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The Draft is Coming Back
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First of all, sorry about the link. It is (without the www.)

Secondly, on the lighter side, after graduating Ankara High, I spent the next cold winter at the U of M. Continued on my "live my own life" road, riding the motorcycle I bought with my book money all winter long . . . ended up at Cornell University from where I eventually graduated. (Neither my parents, nor the administration, appreciated my talents at U of M.

Third, and getting more serious, the issue I get nuts about regarding the draft is not the draft, but the conditions surrounding it. I don't trust anybody in politics any longer. To say the president can call anybody, for any reason, at any time, and extend their tour of duty beyond the 2 years, and not include time in a hospital, or time in training, etc, as part of the 2 years, is total anarchy. There are no checks and balances, there are no controls - its carte blanche for whomever is in power.

And, what scares me to death, is "My God can womp your God" rhetoric. Listen to Bush's speaches carefully. God is on his side. He almost justifies the mayhem as being watched over by the lord. Check out Bill Moyer's piece from this weekend where he states that people are whistling "Onward Christian Soldiers" in the halls of the White House! (Hope I didn't cross the "polictically correct" line in the sand)
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Alan--yes, the no-nuance, "God is on our side", with-us-or-agin us stuff is scary.
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I don't trust anybody in politics any longer. To say the president can call anybody,

That's the main problem. Most of us don't have any confidence in our leaders. They have done things that no one can justify, even themselves.

I found an article about the draft that indicated that it really wasn't happening or going to happen.. Then in the same article it mentioned the government plans to enact portions of it. Talk about walking the fence. Either it is or isn't. I didn't save the article as I usually do. It would have been interesting to post. Kinda like Rumsfelds "known-unknown" speach.

Roger Redwanski - Class of "68"
"Never argue with the person packing your parachute"
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Nah, Roger, not going to happen, it's some Democrates who sponsor the bill. They are not going to get very far. We will have an all volunteer military, unless...well...unless

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Mind if I offer a little clarification about the current rumors of reinstituting a draft?

First, it's not going to happen.

There are bills in both the House and Senate that talk about it. Both bills are sponsored exclusively by Democrats attempting to make a point about the war in Iraq. Both were drafted prior to the US invasion of Iraq. There is a total of one/one (1) Republican on record supporting either bill.

You can find the "scammy" part of this rumor by checking at, one of the better and apolitical debunking sites on the web.

You can find the factual statement of the Selective Service System on the front page of their website: . They say, point blank, "no draft".

Finally, you can check with sources at the DoD: they don't want a draft under any circumstance. They want only a volunteer army.

The DNC and are sending out scare-mails trying to convince parents that GW is going to kill their kids. Really emotive, but utterly false.
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Just a note:

The USG does, indeed, use .gov as its highest level domain. Other countries--because they got there later, need to use a country identifier, like or . The states use things like among many other weird things.

Also a weird thing is that some USG sites use www. as a prefix, some do not, and some have it so you end up in the right place either way. It should be easy enough to coordinate, but they haven't gotten there yet.
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Thanks so much for you comments are correct about the domains, however, I have yet to figure it out myself. I don't have to use those domains that much. I deal with the common man/woman. You are also correct in the facts about the so-called "draft". There isn't going to be one. We are doing quite well with the all volunteer thing. At least so far.

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Between you and JB, given your most excellent inside information about the draft and internet minutia, the pesky Iraq thing and the problems of the military should have been solved by now. Why aren't they?
Do you read much? I mean about the "common man.woman" issues....
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Gee, Tim, it might be--I'm only guessing here--that Iraq turned out to be a harder problem to solve than first thought. That kind of thing happens in a world where no one (other than Democrats of course) has pefect knowledge.
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JB - You seem to have a selective memory when it comes to defending the indefensible.
"A harder problem to solve than first thought...." Some of us were saying that before the invasion and all the numerous, bogus, evolving rationales were presented for it - by you in your "official capacity" - to spin this abortion into "democracy for all".... What a crock! And you KNEW it too, dincha, JB? Still no Saudi support for your little propaganda machine? Uh-huh.......sure! Some of us were thinking about the insoluble problems while folks like you and Wolfowitz were telling all their little fictions about self-funding and roses thrown at the feet of the troops. None of it happened, JB..... Not the WMD, not the grateful tears of most Iraqis, not the oil-funded reconstruction and not the "Coalition of the Willing" - not one good thing has come out of the Iraq adventure unless you count imprisoning a crazy old romantic novelist. Turns out he wasn't the only violent criminal in the country, eh? Now we have thousands of them which we can't tell from the "normal people".....armed with the finest modern explosives....
What an abortion! Come on, JB..... defend it some more! We need some comedy!

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Sorry, Tim, I didn't notice your post.

You might want to take a glance around the region to see if the Iraq war has had any salutary effects.

I see that Kuwait is now permiting women to vote and hold office. Saudi Arabia is holding its first nation-wide elections, though women aren't being permitted to run or vote this year. I see that Iraq is preparing for its own national elections.

I find is something, not exactly amusing, that Saddam is now a "romantic novelist" for you. Silly me... All this time I thought he was a mass murderer, who had used chemical weapons against Iranian children and Iraqi Kurds; who had institutionalized rape as a tool of puplic policy, who had invaded two neighboring countries, and who had bought off sufficient votes in the UN to permit him to slip the sanctions. But I guess you get a better view from up in those mountains.
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Don't you think that because the Saudis sided with us during the Cold War and provided us with cheap oil, and we ignored "everything" about their culture came back to haunt us on 9/11?
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Righto, JB, you have a history of "not noticing" things that don't fit your worldview, don't you?
Oh, JB, if you only knew what a better view there is from up here! Too bad you'll never know. I'll pick snowstorms and wood-fires over dodging 100mph pieces of flying double-wides and crushing giant hissing roaches any day.
Oh yeah, bud, them Iraqi elections is positively ginnin' up, ain't they? Specially in the Sunni triangle. What few folks left alive in Fallujah will no doubt enjoy the fruits of liberty courtesy GWB and the USMC. Maybe we can shoot them a few more mortar rounds of freedom?
Now we know where our Dear Leader got his silly ideas of Sadaam....If you don't know of our duplicitous sanctioning of the Iran-Iraq War (but of course you do, you're not stupid) and our tolerance of the rest of all those "horrid little crimes" as long as they served our realpolitik purposes, why then, JB, you'd be just EXACTLY like all the ignoramuses you helped spin into intellectual numbness. Good job! Must make you proud.... and we've been so successful too! Please take some time and list for us all the numerous "salutory effects" of the Iraq adventure. I mean, other than our troops being handy targets to help explode all those "leftover" high explosives to keep them off the Arab streets........... truly a higher calling.

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JB, Let's explore your characterization of Sadaam as a "mass-murderer".
Please tell us - you have so much more information than we do - how Sadaam committed all the rapes and murders and chemical bombings , etc, etc.....
He must have been kinda like an "Evil Santa", huh? Maybe he even had little Iraqi reindeer to haul his "Sleigh of Death" around Iraq doing all those evil deeds, huh? I'm sure that - just like Hitler's Germany - no honest, well-intentioned Iraqi would have dared help such a fiend do his evil deeds, right? Yep - he was one BUSY dude! And a true Superman. How else could he have done all those hundreds of thousands of murders and prosectued wars and rapes without any help from the good Iraqi people? Next you'll be telling us that there were no Nazis and the Holocaust was just an evil Jew trick. It was all that mad-man Hitler who invaded Poland and fought WWII all on his own, right? Hey! What is a good spinner for?
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I'm assuming you wish to be taken seriously, though your most recent post puts that into question.

I don't think Hitler had his hand on the switch in the gas chambers, so I guess he really wasn't responsible for genocide, either, right?

As usual, you can pick your version of reality to suit your arguments. I do know that the USG did not actively "sanction" the Iran/Iraq war. Given a choice between two SOBs, we were generally happy to let them kill each other off. But we did see a greater threat from Iran (who had held our diplomats captive not long before, if you recall) and were inclined more favorably toward Iraq.

But being inclined did not mean support. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)--not an element of the USG, last time I looked--they found that American arms sales to Iraq represented less than 1% of all sales to Iraq, from 1973-2003. You can find details of that study here. You might also note that with the exception of 10 pieces of artillery-locating radar (of unquestioned use during the Iran/Iraq war) all other sales were for civilian helicopters that were taken over by the Iraqi military.

You might be interested in who the major sellers were, but since that will challenge your worldview, I suspect not.
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