Your last year, JB
So, JB, can you tell us what your last year and the frantic assignments held for you? The last I heard, you had been sent in an urgent manner to Iraq to help the CPA spin some good news. Surely nothing classified? Now that you are retired, can you give us some insight into the developing events in Iraq?
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In the end, I did not end up in Iraq. State MED wouldn't give me clearance due to a couple of heart attacks some 7-8 years ago.

And, unfortunately, some of the work I did concerning Iraq is still classified. Ask me again in five years.

What I can say is that I worked to establish an Iraqi media--over 200 Iraqi newspapers are now being published--and to help Iraqi bloggers get up to speed.

My point was never to "spin good news". It was to make it know that there actually was/is good news available, contrary to what you read in the mainstream media. No spinning was necessary; just plain old, truthful reporting.

I was not successful, however, in getting the Dept. of State to permit its people on the ground to do their own blogs. Too scary for a hidebound bureaucracy. Oddly enough, the DOD has little problem in letter their guys, from enlisted on up to colonel, do public blogs.

That was one of the things that convinced me I could do more interesting work outside of State.
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