Let's Talk America
I subscribe to the Utne Magazine and found this web site through them.
It is dedicated to trying to get people to talk in a civil manner about our politics and our government and current events. It is certainly something most people need to learn how to do. God knows there have been enough friendships broken up over issues in this group. Maybe we can heal some of those rifts?
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I Agree. There is no social discourse. I believe it starts with the politicians.

As one member of congress said when he decided not to run again.

When I came to congress, I would strongly disagree with my distinguished gentalman from a state in the morning and then we would play golf in the afternoon.

Now I have to look over my shoulder to find out if the member I disagreed with was going to call me everyname in the book or take a swing at me.

This is one reason that I choose not to run.

It is so sad that the talk shows use words such as hate, and flaming blank blank liberal or conservatives. What happend to social discourse.

Dave Byers
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