We had a nice mini reunion in Winter Park,FL (near Orlando) We ate at an authentic Turkish restaurant :The Bosphorus Restaurant. It is like the Uludag restaurant or the 49 restaurant in Ankara. the donner kebap, shish kebap and kofte is delicious, the baklava is great and the Turkish coffee is thick.I was the only one there with a puzzle ring, and one member of the group was able to put it together!
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That sounded like fun. When my son was in Turkey, I ask him to get me a ring since I had lost mine years ago. I knew how to assemble a ring with 4 parts, this one had six. I thought I was so smart that I took it apart. It is still that way. Do you have any idea where I can find instructions to get it back together?
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Besides the great food, I think we need to mention the great company - it was slightly more than a "mini" reunion. Altho it was a relatively small group (14 alumni, 5 spouses and a daughter) - we had class of '53, multiple 60's, 72, 73, 74 and 76!
I dug out my puzzle ring and my class ring just before leaving the apt. - neither fit on any finger anymore except the pinkies and the fit was a bit loose there, so I left them at home.
If any of you ever do that Disney thing, the restaurant is about 30 minutes away (barring traffic)...

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