Why Contribute?

Q. Why should you join the hundreds of Ankara alumni who have contributed since 1991?

A. Because Ankara Alumni Network/Ankara Reunion has no dues or fees. No one should be excluded from mailings or web sites. Many overseas school alumni groups charge annual dues for email and website access. We don't.

Your continuing generosity keeps Ankara Alumni Network and Ankara Reunion up and running. A voluntary contribution from those who are able is always greatly appreciated.

How to Contribute?

If you would like to contribute, please make your check payable to Ankara Alumni Network and mail it to:

Ankara Alumni Network/Ankara Reunion
P.O. Box 803012
Dallas, TX  75380-3012

We can also accept credit card contributions through

2005 Revenue and Expenditures

All funds are deposited in an account in the name of Ankara Alumni/Ankara Reunion at Texas State Bank and managed exclusively by J. R. Hurt, CPA, Dallas, TX.

Ankara Alumni Network Financials
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List of Contributors -- THANK-YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!

Here are the names of those who have contributed:

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