"Stories from the Demilitarized Zone" - an e-book that can be downloaded from Literary Road. A fictional account that reflects the experiences of thousands of Americans who " fought the good fight, not on the field of battle, but in living rooms of military housing around the world.  In 1972, there were 371,366 dependents of military personnel living overseas, people who spent their childhoods in a world that stops promptly at 5:00 in the afternoon to pay homage to the flag; where everything is painted in shades of green, and 'hometowns' are places that only exist on television."
An Intimate Portrait of a Lost American Tribe
The first feature-length documentary, narrated by singer/songer Kris Kristofferson, about a hidden American subculture - a lost tribe of over 4 million children from widely diverse backgrounds, raised on military bases around the world, whose shared experiences have shaped their lives so powerfully, they are forever different from their fellow Americans."
Writer-Director: Donna Musil
Co-Producer: Ankara's own Tim Wurtz '69
AAFSW's (Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide) reading list of books about the U.S. Foreign Service.
What happens when TCKs, or Third Culture Kids, grow up and become Adult TCKs? In Hidden Immigrants, the author explores the long term impact of an internationally mobile childhood. It explores the need for roots, adjusting to a home country, marriage, career choices, the pleasure of pain caused by many international moves, things that helped or hindered, and evaluations and wishes.
From Mary Edwards Wertsch - Army brat, author of Military Brats: Legacies of Childhood Inside the Fortress, co-founder of Operation Footlocker, the seminal influence for the BRATS - Our Journey Home documentary and an inner-city poetry and writing teacher.
From the American Forces Information Service - Article by Rudi Williams
By Author Mary Edwards Wertsch.  If you were raised in the military, reading this book will help you find the missing piece to the puzzle -- and understand your lived experience as never before. Read interesting comments by the author.
A collection of 35 essays written by and for embassy insiders - honest, balanced views about living the mobile Foreign Service lifestyle. Stories from the diplomatic trenches - true experiences, reflections and perspectives on the realities of life in the Foreign Service.

January 2001 article about Ankara HS, George C Marshall High School.


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