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We added the following 219 alumni to our ranks in 2007. About 20% of those listed below found us. Once more, the vast majority were located solely through the efforts of our volunteers - utilizing research tools generously funded by alumni contributions. We hope we found someone you were looking for in 2007. Once again, we'll continue our efforts in 2008.

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Found - Long Term Missing Alumni
1953 - 1979

Charles "Chuck" Denniston

Ruth Denniston

Jeanne Langlois; Barbara Pope

Mary Tinnin

Ruth Kurnow; Pauline Langlois; Jean Moss; Thomas "Thos" Muller; Anne Williams

Carol Ann McCrimmon; Ken Moss; Pam Peeke

Bruce Emmons; Sam Goodyear; Mary McGrady; Jim McLaren

Anne Larner; Judith "Yann" Sheppard

Christine Auburn; William Bordner; Gary Rumsey

Nancy Ackert; John Baleski; James Bartee; Karen Buihner; Michael Cary;
Karen Horn; Kathy Larner; Sheryl Lemon; Sylvia Martin; Mickey McDowell;
Howard Motes; Philip Rasmussen; Ann Rix; Glen Rumsey; Tom Tice; John Willis

Shirley Baleski; Christine "Tina" Connelly; June Green;
Donna Storey; Larry Talbot

Jean Briggs; Mike Corbin; Katherine Faulkner; John "Scott" Moyer;
Christine Olivari; Barbara Scott; Rex Wright

Carole Arterbery; Bryan Dority; Mark Egan; Walter Gaby; Robert Hopkins;
Kathy Lemon; Jean Olivari; Ingrid Schelp; Yvonne Tatum; Lee Tillotson;
Linda Wilkie

Bonnie Bacon; Peg Boulineau; Donna Cerminara; Mary Dyste; Kathie Kajimura;
Hilma Lamont; Susan Seaman; John "Tony" Sevier; Richard Tilley

Claudia Deering; Jeffery Dozier; Lorraine Gonzales; Elizabeth "Betsy" McDonough;
Janice Moyer; Richard Rider; Paul Sevier; Yolanda Terrell; Vivian Wise

Sylvia Aguilar; Nickie Dietrich; Bill Knebusch; Veronica Ray; Robert Scott; Linda Tilley

Doe Arnow; Cynthia Dohner; Matie Ellery; Burt Hanagami; Frank Kovak; Jean Lanoux; Joan Lanoux; Stephanie McDuffie; Valarie Ray; Deborah Rolen; Michael Rolen; Debbie Sherman; Ellen Sherwin; Judy Utley; Terry Wise

Kathy Bredek; Michael Carroll; Daphne Deering; Christine Kilman;
Lester McDuffie; Kim Sjaardema; Nancy Struemph

Mark Burris; Joan Ellery; Iris Ray; Arlette Woodward; Catherine Zebrowski

Jay Burris; Joan Gross; Barry Palmer; Sharon Pruett; Catherine Scott;
Gary Wiedemann

Steve Allison; Sonya Winner

Christine Devereaux; John Dillon; Kermit Dillon; Chris Nadler

Jamil Farah; Carly Kline; Diana Marroquin; Tim McDonough; Robin Winner

Michael Scott Bennett; Sherry Bivins; Malia Brumley; Chuck Cabbage;
Rush Chewning; Melissa DeHority; James "Atila" Hanson; Alec Harper;
Karen Ingram; Tom Keene; Daniel Marroquin; Barry Rumpel; Liana Shreve

Diane Carle; Greg Frey; Steve Harper; Dean Marney; Beth Rumpel; Glorie Williams

Recovered - "Once Found - Lost Again"

Anne Marie Aaron '67
Rick DeYoung '68
Bill Stanley '68
Jane Fowler '70
Kelly Regan '78
Darryl Bryant '79

Unfortunately, "Lost Again" alum Jim Ivey '65, is deceased.

1980 - 2007 Alumni who found this website and registered

The 80's
Linda Lawton '80; Dianna Drye '82; Joanne Leister '82; Bill Smith '82;
Mousumi Bhattacharya '85; Jeff Pope ’85; Corie Strzelewicz '85;
Joseph Chippich '86; Jennifer Milton '86; Ken Wares '86; Ahsan Alam '88;
Rana Jagannathan '88; Vidhya Ramamoorthy '88; Charlie Brown '89

The 90's
Arif Armansyah '90; Will Gregory '91; Ryan McCauley '91; Brian Peeler '91;
Alyssa Dunn '92; Jeff Lesseig '92; Ron Nall '92; Chris Rehkopf '92; Sinan Ertay '94;
Kristen Fetter '95; Eren Pedersen '96; Jason Cruz '97; Kurt Davies '97;
George Turner '97

2000 and Beyond
Karen Cormier '00; Rhyan Fritzel '00; Alon Geva '00; Megan Turner '00;
Kibeom Lee ’03; Rogé Nelson '03; Reshonda Griffin '04; Alexander Snow '05

Found - Faculty/Staff

Fred Costin
Terence Douglas
Colette Grillo
Nels Ingram
Robert Marble - Principal '92-'96

In Memoriam
Missing alumni & faculty who passed on prior to being located.

Cecile Henry '55
John Webster '57
Archie Cochran '58
David Galanti '60
Claire Crain '64
Rick Carr '65
Richard Horn '65
Carolyn Bridewell '66
Clayton Croft '67
Dennis Creamer '68
Judie Lanning '68
Gail Montet '68
John Soto '68
James Foley '69
Louis Rhue '70
Debra Lewis '72
Scott Robbie '77
Reuben Avesian - Faculty
Lorna Emmons - Faculty
Ruth Galanti - Faculty
Ronald Lassila - Faculty
Vera Raulston Faculty
Shirley Randa - Faculty
Rosemary Todd- Faculty


Note: Once again - each and every one of these alumni has been located solely through this website and the efforts of its volunteers. Although we welcome any assistance and will gladly provide credit, none of the ancillary Ankara websites have contributed or participated in any manner whatsoever. 


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