The NETWORK is here.... class/graduation year, access to the names, email addresses and cities of residence of all alumni and faculty located since 1990. Nearly 4,000 records are currently available.

The class lists are viewable in a secure, login protected section of this website -- The NETWORK -- safe from SPAMers and accessible only to fellow alumni who have obtained a user name and password. The class list information you'll see on your computer screen is not stored on a web page, but in a database and will exist in your browser only at the time you're viewing it. Mailing addresses and phone numbers continue to be available only in the printed Ankara Directory

Email Addresses
All alumni email addresses have been entered. The Network ensures that all alumni to alumni email communications are direct, personal and most importantly, private. Your email messages will not pass through this website - so we have no ability to read, moderate or interrupt the delivery of your communications. If an email address bounces, please notify us and we will attempt to obtain an updated address.

Login ID Required
Separate and apart from your Directory registration, you will need to create a user name and password to view The NETWORK. You will be prompted to logon or create a logon ID, when you access The Network. Your logon ID will also allow you to participate in the Ankara Post Office message board. Only bona fide alumni and faculty will be approved.

Ankara Directory Registraton
Please keep your information current! Do let us know when you move, change your phone number or acquire a new email address. To update, simply select the "editing my information" option on the registration form and complete all the required fields. Directory registration

Faculty and Alumni Class Lists
One of goals of the Ankara Alumni Network is to create a comprehensive historical record - to identify and locate each and every alum who attended the American high school in Ankara, Turkey. The following on-line resources largely satisfy our goal for the 1953 - 1979 class years -- alumni located, the missing and those who have passed away. To complete 1980 - present is going to require the involvement of alumni from those class years. Please contact us if you're interested in volunteering your efforts.

THE NETWORK - Class years 1953 - present

In Memoriam - Class years 1953 - year to date

List of all known Graduates still Missing - Class years 1953 - 1979

List of all known Missing Underclassmen - Class years 1953 - 1979

Missing Alumni & Faculty Located in 2005 - Class years 1953 - 2005

Missing Alumni & Faculty Located in 2006 - Class years 1953 - 2006

Missing Alumni & Faculty Located in 2007 - Class years 1953 - 2007

Missing Alumni & Faculty Located in 2008 - Class years 1953 - 2008

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